We craft Eco-friendly Handmade Fruit and Veggie Net with 100% Hemp Rope

Looking for a way to store your fruit and veggie in the place you call home, either your campervan or your house?
This eco-friendly fruit and veggie net is handmade with hemp road from Europe. This shape combines with the natural color of the rope provides a minimal style that perfectly complements any design.
↠ 100% high quality 4mm hemp rope from EU
↠ Handmade on the road in France
↠ Available in one size (50x25cm)
↠ Free Shipping to France
↠ Sustainable alternative to cotton

What makes hemp such an eco-friendly alternative?
Hemp is more than the plant behind CBD, it's also the eco-friendly alternative to some of the biggest pollutants of modern time since it thrives without pesticides and insecticides, requires little water and less land per kilo of fiber and it's produced in Europe.