1. 5 Ways to Get Drinkable Water Without Plastic on the Road

    20 Jan 2020
    #1 Lifestraw xx #2 Charcoal Stick xx #3 Ceramic Beads xx #4 Berkey Water Filter xx #5 Water Boiling xx

  2. 3 Zero Waste Easy Swap for Vanlife

    18 Jan 2020
    What changes should I make first #1 Get a Reusable Water Bottle  *Photos of Chloe Water Bottle* Discover our 5 ways to Get Drinkable Water Without Plastic on the Road #2 Carry aTote Bag along with reusable produce bags  *Photos of Ikea bags with mesh bags and stainless steel box*

  3. How Living the Vanlife Challenged us to Consume Less and Live Differently

    18 Jan 2020
    As far as we can remember, we always felt pretty aware of the environnemental issues of our blue planet and considered ourselves as the “good guys”. Meaning we were already vegetarians for a couple of years, we wouldn’t buy water in plastic bottle, we recycled our waste, we shopped at…

  4. Why we Bought a Vintage Campervan Instead of Converting our Own

    18 Jan 2020
    For those newer to our story, we thought it might be interesting to detail you how our vintage campervan came into our lives…  After buying our first van in february 2018, a VW T4 from 1998, we were ready for our next van conversion to go full time vanlife. Even…

  5. Embrace Alternative Living: our Weekend in a Tiny House

    18 Jan 2020
    Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a tiny house? We celebrated Gürkan’s Birthday at the end of September and got to spent the weekend in a tiny house to do so (last year we stayed in a Tree Schack, we just love to use this special occasion as…

  6. 8 Things we Learned so far About Vanlife

    17 Jan 2020
    Starting Vanlife as weekend warriors in early 2018, meaning we would leave on friday evening after work, drive 3 to 5 hours to reach our spot by the ocean, spend incredible weekend far from the city, and be back at the office by monday morning… we became full-time vanlifers in…

  7. 2-Day Climbing to Mt. Mulhacén, the Highest Summit in Mainland Spain

    15 Jan 2020
    During our last summer road trip in Spain and Portugal, we had the chance to climb a stunning summit located in the South of Spain.  Even if it doesn’t appear to be a common destination for those travelling in Spain, we wanted to tell you more about this amazing location.…