Meet Chloe and Gürkan

We're a small team and (and also a couple) and we like it that way. Each of us is personally invested in every project, and we frequently partner with a bevy of skilled, passionate makers and doers to extend our capabilities from screen to real life, from conceptual to actual, from strategy to reality.

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She’s a Web Writer and Social Media Manager focusing on Content Creation and Digital Marketing for Van Life Goes On, bringing her enthusiasm for culture and adventure to client projects. She graduated from Sorbonne Université in Paris with a master degree in management and communication. Beginning her career in management consulting in 2016 for a Big Four, she specialised in digital and innovative solutions. She’s able to identify the front-end questions that allow a creative solution to solve a business problem, and balances future-thinking and a passion for breaking new ground with a dedication to details.

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He is a dynamic Art Director with the ability to inspire, interpret and execute client objectives through every step of the strategic process to create outstanding digital content. He’s always so keen to learn new creative tricks, but you more likely to see him behind the camera or the drone, he’s in charge of the Content Creation and Creative Production for our studio. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in communication and design. As a Graphic Designer, with over 6 years of experience, his designs steer the brand voice across all platforms, adding a special energy to bespoke editorial client projects. He has put his unique stamp on communications.