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Hi! We’re Chloe and Gürkan.

As a travel couple, we can generally be found outside: surfing, trekking, snowboarding, slacklining, eating banana pancakes in our camper van, or working for our creative studio on wheels.

Van Life Goes On was born out of our commitment to leaving the city, hitting the road as often as possible, making sustainable choices easy and accessible, and reducing our impact on the planet. Here, we aim to promote another way of exploring the world: slow and sustainable travel.

What matters most to us is to explore the world, smile often and inspire others by capturing the stories of those choosing alternative lifestyles, living more environmentally conscious and reconnecting with nature.

Since we live in our 1985 Mercedes Hymer, which is also our office, we’ll be sharing our thoughts and adventures we encountered on the road through our road journal.

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Discover our creative studio on wheels

We craft creative visual storytelling for sustainable brands, NGO and entrepreneurs making a positive impact. These are the words we live by in everything we do. Every story we tell, every brand we help building, and every interaction we create must not only look beautiful, but has to fulfil a positive purpose , too. Crafted to spread awareness.